Welcome to the largest guest harbour of the Åland Islands with approximately 300 berths. The guest harbour is favourably located only two blocks away from the city centre and our services maintain a high standard. Our  servicefacilities including showers, sauna and laundry are open from early morning to late nights. Toilets are available twenty-four hours. In our little harbour shop we offer basic foodarticles, coffee, sodas, ice cream etc. There are lightings on the jetties and the harbour is guarded by night in July.

As an effort to keep our beautiful archipelago clean, we have trash disposal and containers for recycled waste, and discharge of toilet waste nearby Teboil fuel station. Teboil (Rono) is located 100 meters south of the harbour.

There is a playground for children in the harbour area and just a few minutes away you’ll find the Lilla holmen beach, Mariebad swimming pools, shops, postoffice, banks, library, restaurants etc.

If you have any questions feel free to call the harbourmaster, phone +358 40 8677760.
It is also possible to get in contact with our crew by sending an e-mail to gasthamn<at>msf.ax .

Fees 2016

June and august
All lengths
€ 27,- 

Longside, inside baisin (Note! Only 4 docks - the staff will show your place!)
€ 40,-

under 35 fot
€ 27,-
35 fot and over
€ 32,-

Longside, outside - eastern dock only (Note! the staff will show your place!)
Haroburfee x1,5
Longside, inside baisin (
Note! Only 4 docks - the staff will show your place!)
€ 50,-  Book - Satamapaikka.com